Problem with spherical environement in 2005

Discussion created by Guest on May 24, 2005
The use of an environment is critical in renderings to create proper reflections:
The ability to control custom maps makes all the difference in being able to present a shiny product the way you want it.
We are well into a project that has to be delivered in 2005. The renderings work great in 2004, but fail because of a series of critical errors in 2005. If this is not corrected PhotoWorks will immediatley cost us thousands of dollars and a client... for the long run, we will not be able to use it to create hte renderings we have grown accustomed to.

The issues -
The mapping of materials on a spherical environment has several critical errors in 2005 - these errors make these reflective environments completely unusable (the mapping error will reflect a 'puckered' world onto the product). The equator is erroneously rotated when you open the scene in 2005 (it becomes a longitude instead of a latitude), but if you correct it the mapping of the custom environment does not alter to the new setting. Basically - the poles do not move with the equator so it is impossible to get the correct mapping.

In addition to the critical error, there are once again a slew of problems of the type we went through last year at about this time - dialog boxes that spontaneously change numbers, vague icons (the arrows for latitude and longitude), numbers that have significant digits and units that extend past the dialog box so they become very hard to adjust, controls that do nothing (changing the angle of the axes) and controls that don't seem to do anything (mapping referenced to a plane) though it is hard to tell because the documentation is vague/non-existant.
I cannot properly convey my disappointment that these problems, so easy to find, or everywhere in this function. Based on what happened last year I was hoping for something better.
I understand if I need to take several hours to document these for you. Again, though, I ask for the courtesy of knowing that they are not already being worked on before I take that time.