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"Failed to register the com DLL" Dispatch EPDM

Question asked by Barry Stump on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2011 by Timothy Holman

I recently upgrades all out EDPM clients and the server to EDPM 2010 SP 5.  I have a Windows x32 machine and installed EPDM on it.  When I goto do a search I get a "Failed to Register the com DLL" error that relates to Dispatch.dll and dispatch64.dll.  This only occurs on teh one W7 x32 machine.  The rest of the W7 X64 machines do not have the error from what I know.  I uninstalled the older DLLs, rebooted the server, repaired, uninstalled and reinstalled the client, etc without being able to fis this error.  I ever upgraded my rights to that of admin and it only resolved it while I was upgraded.  When the rights reset it went back and caused the error again.  Aside form forcing IT to allow.  The interesting this is, this is only a W7 x32 issue and not a W7 x64 issue.