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Need some advice/help (standard libraries within WPDM)

Question asked by Jack Parlane on Mar 2, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by John Burrill

Hi Guys,


Need some advice on my current set up.  As it stands we're using WPDM, with a dedicated user assigned to controlling and owning a standard library project withing the Vault.  As first this seemed like a good idea as it allowed a simple means of controlling the standard parts and meant everything was nicely in one place.  It's come to the stage now though that we might be installing a secondary vault on another server and we'd like to be able to share the standard libraries project across the 2 vaults, from what i've read this isnt possible so starting to explore other avenues of how to go about this. 


My thoughts


Is there a simple way of exporting my "standard libraries" project within the vault? I'd then have the parts/assemblies from that project reside on a server as folder. That way both vaults can use the standard lib parts. I cant see an easy way of maintaining the references to the new parts on the server folder, not without alot of relinking. As a solution to me it sounds a little messy and hoping there's someone out there that's had a simliar scenario that can help me out.



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