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    Cosmos crashing and study corruption

      I'm using Cosmos 2006 Advanced Professional, SP 5. In general, I've noted that the software is in general unstable (subject to apparently random crashing - especially when viewing results, animated). However, the most frustrating behavior is that I will define multiple studies (with varying boundary conditions and material definitions of parts) and often older studies show errors or corrupted definitions for random reasons. Sometimes I'll go back into the Load/Restraint definitions that show errors and just have to toggle 'Edit Definition' to get the errors to clear - but sometimes I go into 'Edit Definition' and the surfaces or components I referenced are just gone. Has anyone else experienced this buggy behavior and can you suggest a fix?
        • Cosmos crashing and study corruption
          SolidWorks Corp
          Hi EP, I can't speak on some of the more general comments but the L/R definition issue may be related to changes to the part topology. The Parasolid kernel has a nasty habit of re-numbering entities when the topology changes and that currently throws the COSMOS features off.

          I can suggest that you get in that habit of regularly reporting bugs, large or small, thru your reseller so they get logged. The more often a problem gets reported, the higher a priority it gets. Also, stay on top of the latest Svc Packs as these contain the latest fixes.

          -- Vince