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Trying to reset SW2010 Toolbars to Default

Question asked by Jeremy Walser on Mar 2, 2011
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I've recently started a new Designer position using SolidWorks 2010.  I've been given a PC that had been used previously by another user.  There are some major toolbar issues with this setup...


1.  The  View (heads-Up) toolbar is missing even though it's selected to be it has no effect.

2.  The Shortcut bar is empty no matter if I'm in a drawing, model, assm, etc.  I can add icons, but like the way SW has them organized by default.

3.  The Command Manager at the top has a lot of missing icons.  For example, the Sketch tab is nearly empty


I've went to the Customize/Options tab and reset everything to defaults and it has no effect.  I've done a little digging through the SolidWorks folder in the Program Files directory and couldn't find anything that I thought was a custom user file.  I've also scanned the Registry to see if anything jumped out at me, but I didn't see a smoking gun.


So, basically I'm looking for help just getting everything back to defaults!  Any help is much appreciated.




Jeremy Walser