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Question asked by Brandon Campbell on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by Brandon Campbell

We've recently upgraded to SW2011 and noticed that the BOM's in our drawing package we are preparing for the client have a MAJOR issue:


In a BOM where we have multiple configurations AND equations showing configuration specific properties... they are ignored.


The last configuration is simply shown.


Please see Find No. 3 in the attached jpeg.

2011 bom eqconf issue.jpg


I have added the "MechL1" column which shows the correct size of the plates.

In the "Material/Specification " column, we have a formula to display the size and the material spec.: notice this is the info from Find No. 2 (the last config to be opened).


We've recently had all of our off-site contractors upgrade as well. All of the work we've done in the last week is lost...


As now we all need to re-install 2010 and recover what we can.