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    Analysis with 2 fluids....

    Noel Rodes

      Ok, I have a box with heat source in it, in a larger box.  I want to find the steady state temperature of the fluid (air) in the heat source box and the temperature of the fluide (air) in the outer box.  I have not found a way to get the temps of the independent fluids.

      Any ideas out there?

      Thanks in advance.......

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          David Paulson



          Have you reviewed the Tutorial to calculate "Ch. 6 Heat Exchanger Efficiency" which establishes a fluid sub-domain to predict the temperature of two diferent and separate fluid streams?

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              Noel Rodes

              Yes, I've been all through the tutorials and verification models and all others that I can find.

              I am trying to get a 'report' or something that shows or prints the 'average' temperature inside the small box and inside the large box.



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                  Rich Bayless



                  'Volume Parameters' under Results might help, if you are able to select the volume of fluid that you are interested in.


                  The problem becomes how to select a volume, where the volume is a fluid.  Selecting a volume of a solid body is pretty easy.  To get the fluid you may have to create a solid body inside your fluid volume, then disable the solid volume under calculation control.  Then you can select the disabled solid body under 'Volume Parameters' and obtain the average properties.



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                      Noel Rodes

                      Mr. Bayless,

                      thanks for the assistance.  I have tried that approach, as it is mentiioned in several KnowledgeBase articles (search using 'subdomain').

                      I have created a 'solid' of the inner volume and disabled it in the 'component control'.  When I try to create a volume goal (per KB S-032484) for the disabled solid I get an error that it cannot be done for a 'disabled' component.  Also the solid invalidates the subdomain fluid if left active.  Also, it is not clear what material, if any, to make the solid, though it does not matter if it is disabled.

                      I have tried suppressing the subdomain fluid and using the created solid but this approach invalidates a fan I have in the subdomain.

                      See the picture.  the ball in the center is my 'heat source' 155W.  the fan is a fan.  the exterior is my environmental chamber.  the 'dome' is an antenna radome with a simple plate base.  the problem ambient chamber temp is 55C. What is the average temp inside the radome???????