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    downloaded macro not working


      I have used the macro to assign views to the keypad, and really like it.  I got a new machine, reloaded the macro, set the path pointer to the right file location, but it won't run.  What am I missing.



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          Wayne Tiffany

          Just a shot here.  If you want to run a macro with a hotkey, the macro has to be in a folder called Macros under your SW install folder.  Is that where you have yours?



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            RICK WITKOWSKI

            It may be that the macro was 32 bit and my new machine is 64bit?

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                John Sweeney

                Hi Rick,

                Wayne is correct that macros must live in a "macros" folder below your sldworks.exe location to assign them as menus.  If they exist in that subfolder, then macros can be added as menu items and assigned keyboard shortcuts.  The Tools-Options-FileLocations-Macros value you seem to refer to in your post, is not used for finding macros to be used with menus and shortcuts.


                One other way to assign a shortcut to a macro, without having to keep it in the "macros" folder, is to use the Tools-Customize-Commands" dialog.  Select the "Macro" choice in the "Categories" list and drag the "head icon" onto one of your toolbars.  It will then ask you for a macro name and folder to assign to the new button.  You can browse to any folder on your machine and, thus, you are not restricted to the "macros" subfolder.  It also allows you to assign a keyboard shorcut.


                Hope this helps,


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                  Deepak Gupta

                  Can you put up the macro up here and the process you adopted to run, so that we can test on our machine to find where is the glitch.


                  Also read this post for your future reference: Forum Posting

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                  Filipe Venceslau

                  Rick, can you run this macro manually at all? Tools -> Macro -> Run..?

                  Add a custom macro button to one of your toolbars..(see image below)

                  Be sure to indicate the Method property...This is the method that is called to start your macro...usually "main" or "start".

                  This gives you a shortcut option (Ctrl/Shift/Alt + Something), won't work for single stroke shortcuts though...


                  Note: The macro only needs to reside in the "Solidworks\Macros" folder is you wish to display the item in the pull down menu or use a one key stroke shortcut.


                  To add a custom macro button, follow these steps...



                  For more info on these topics search the help contents for:

                  "Assign a Macro to a Shortcut  Key or Menu"

                  "Customize Macro Button"
                  Hope this helps