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Problem With NAS server

Question asked by santi nicola on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by Vajrang Parvate

Dear Friends


I'm Nicola from Italy and i have a problem with my Solidworks 2011. We have 2 licenses and we work with a NAS server. We have Windows 7 Professional 64Bit like OS.

I have spoken with thecnical support in Italy and they have answered me that problems that we have in solidworks  depends from not compatibility of Solidworks and NAS server. This because Solidworks use a NTFS file system and  Nas use a NFS file system. So during day we have 2/3 times a crash of network , also if networks is going good.


My question is , how is possible that Solidworks not take a solution for this problem , looking that almost of servers are Linux OS and almost of all NAS are NFS file system.


Now i should to make a new server based of Windows?