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    Why is this not able to make a solid?

    Will Reynolds

      This is quite a simple problem. I have this shape that is made of surfaces. When I go to knit them together I don't get the option to try to form a solid.


      This problem would make me think that there is an opening somewhere in the model, but I can' find it anywhere. I ran the check feature and it is saying that there is a survace open, but I don't understand what this means as everything knitted together with no problems.


      Any help would be great. I am at my wits end with this model.

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          Kevin De Smet

          Set your Surface-Trim3 to mutual, and select "keep selection" to pick your faces. Makes it easy.

          There's a tiny overshoot that you missed with the regular trim, that caused the mismatched edges.


          The model looks a bit odd though, lots of single surface with curvature in different direction and small pinched transition surfaces. I don't think it will shell well.

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            Will Reynolds

            Ok I worked this one out... well sort of.


            The main thing that I have learnt about solidworks is that if something is complicate and it doesn't work, make it simpler, and try again. So for this one, I started again. I split up everything that I could and made smaller surfaces that were less likely to cause weird geometry.




            see how I split the bottom surface into 3. I then tried again and it worked.


            Solidworks really can test your patience. Especially when there are deadlines looming