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Storing non cad files and revision managing

Question asked by Rich Thompson on Mar 1, 2011
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I need to store some non cad data in the vault such as drawings from suppliers. Some problems that I can forsee are


1. The supplier will send us a new file, but it never got checked out as such for editing. I want to be able to copy that file in the vault and up-issue etc. Is it a manual process of finding the old file, checking it out, replacing it, then checking it in. Or is there a nice better way?


2. Often for DWG files, the filename could change (eg_2) how do people handle this?  I'm assuming I have to just be diligent and rename it but any other workarounds?


3. I have standard components, which get constantly changed with added parameters but otherwise dont change. I don't really need to keep all of the changes. In workgroup I use the working copy option for these. Anything similar in EPDM?


4. Is there a way of generating a drawing number when a file is copied to the vault, (I know about the new file defaults which can fire the serial generator, but not sure if you can fire it when manually copying something in?


Thanks for the help