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    EPDM Message system switch and clean up.

    Shawn Kelly

      I am beginning to prepare for a vault switch from DB to SMTP messaging.


      We would like to clean out the existing messages and notifications and start from scratch.  Going through the workflows and removing any state or transition notifications is simple enough, but was wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience on a safe way to eliminate all existing messages and set up notifications in the database.


      This would include:

      1. workflow
      2. user
      3. project
      4. document
      5. etc...




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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

          Hello Shawn !


          Do you really need to delete the messages ? I recommend you only disable DB notifications and start using the SMTP !


          I think you need to be extra careful before deleting any notifications pertaining to an obsolete project.


          I remember that there was some script which was used as an workaround to delete all the notifications before any transitions.


          Let me dig it out for you and this could be helpful i suppose.


          Cheers !


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            Simon Schuck

            We recently did the same, but just left the messages within the DB messaging system in the inbox as reference. This was because there (as far as I know) is no way of exporting the messages from the DB messaging system to SMTP.



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              Shawn Kelly

              I have decided that I will likely leave the messages in the database as a history record, but what I want is a script or something that will remove any created notification either server or client side removed.  Basically, setup all the notifications from scratch and let the users do so as well.


              Long story short is the original implementation decision was to use the EPDM DB mailing and it hasn't proved to be what we wanted and SMTP would work better, but the fear is that some users may have created notfications on folders, etc that will likely not want any longer and would be bombarded with notifications right from the get go.


              Noone really pays any mind to the DB messages and doesn't even look overall...




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                  Tim Webb

                  Hi Shawn,


                  There has been some good conversation going on here and I have had some good experience with this very topic. Enough to know that training all users at all levels to NOT rely on the notifications is the best way to go. You actually echoed this by confirming that users disregard them anyway.


                  We have 75 licenses of EPDM and support about 125 users. We use EPDM for engineering and upstream in supply chain (ordering, quoting, pushing data files out to vendors via web client) as well as downstream in production (work card routing, QA conformity, and docment control).


                  I have taken this approach:

                  1. Separate out the messages into a "special" area in the DB message system so the EPDM specific messages are cordoned off into their own area and not mingled into their Outlook SMTP message system so the 500 emails we each get per week won't have EPDM notifications mixed in there and get lost.
                  2. Train the users that the DB messages are for a backup
                  3. Train the users to watch their assigned "state" for files to show up
                  4. Change behavior by changing the expectations


                  This approach relies on the users NOT to check their messages but to rely on the users to do their job and watch the states where the files live.


                  I hope this helps.

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                  Ravi Teja

                  Hi shawn,

                            Do you want to remove notification setting or the Actual notifications?.


                  Once the notification is sent i think there is no record left in Db about them.


                  If there are any notifications left unsent in the Db they can be deleted.


                  to do this Delet all the Rows in the table "Documentactioninfo".







                  Ravi T