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    Solid flat colour when modelling

    John Trinder

      Is it possible to have the model displayed in a solid flat colour in the modelling window?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums John.


          Did you changing the display icon on the head up toolbar (refer pic) or under View > Display


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              John Trinder

              Hi Deepak,


              It is the actual fill colour I would like to make a solid fill of R 197, G 214 & B 239 with no shading or reflections on the model. I have so far turned off all directional lights and upped the ambient light to 0.9. Depending on the intensity of the ambient light however results the brightness of the model, altering the RGB set in the material.


              Is there anyway I can set the RGB of the model regardless of light properties?


              Many Thanks


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                  Ajay Dhiman

                  Hi John ,


                  Find attached video hope this helps...


                  if u want this color permanent in your part wheever you start modeling .

                  go to system options >colors

                  set their your requirements..



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                      John Trinder

                      Thanks Ajay,


                      This method still leaves various faces with different shading due to lighting, scene etc.


                      The problem I am having is I need to match the layout of current corporate brochures, these were originally taken from AutoCad into Illustrator by a sub contractor. I have attached a screen shot of the desired layout. As you can see it is one flat colour, I was wondering if there is a method of setting the RGB and displaying similar to the attached?


                      Many Thanks




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                          Charles Culp



                          I do not believe it is possible to remove all shading. You can minimize shading by:

                          turning off RealView

                          going with an all white scene

                          deleting ALL lights

                          upping the ambient light as required


                          You may still have to hand-color correct to get the correct RGB output. I will try and send this post to a couple rendering experts and see if they have any insight.

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                    Nick Goodrum



                    I believe this will work for you.


                    Select Plain White for your scene.


                    Then delete the lights.


                    See attached pics.

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                        Rob Rodríguez

                        This is the method I would use to achieve.  It does assume though you have PhotoView 360 for rendering and an image editing program (even a free one like www.paint.net would work).



                        In SW be sure PV360 is added in under tools options.  Open the scene editor in the display manager, RMB edit scene.  Set the background to color and choose the desired color you want the model to be.  Uncheck the floor shadows option.  Close the scene editor.


                        Open PV360 options, icon in the upper right on the display manager.  Set the size of your image output at the top.  Near the bottom check the box for contour rendering.  Choose the contour only option (the first one) and then choose the thickness and color of your contour line.


                        Render the model.  You'll have a completely flat color image of your model (it will match the background color you set) with the outline of your model.  You can strip the background area around the model out using an image editor.


                        Contour example.JPG

                        Contour example 2.JPG