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    Gas spring simulation tutorial needed.

    Tadeusz Sliwinski



      I have to made solution for simple open cabinet with heavy (~50kg).

      Now i have strong gas spring fixed inside the box and door (see drawing).

      But first I have to use big force to move flap, next when is inhorizontal position goes easy.


      Is in internet somekind of tutorial how to simulate gas spring, or examples?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't know about any tutorials for gas springs themselves, but I think that you could simulate the gas spring with a simple preloaded compression spring for working out your mechanism. I think it would be easiest and fastest to use Motion Simulation (whatever its actual name is) to work out the best attachment points and required spring forces. If you don't have access to that software, then I think you could use Simulation with a number of load steps to solve for the forces and reactions, but it will probably take a lot more time.


          Jerry Steiger (who hasn't used either Simulation or Motion Simulation)