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    SW2011, Hole Wizard Face Turns Dark Gray

    Anna Wood

      This is something that used to happen occasionally in SW2008 at the end of the day when I was driving SW all day long.  Now that we are on SW2011 I get this all the time.  Very annoying and makes in-context selections difficult.


      The sketch face that you are placing hole wizard holes on consistently turns dark gray, almost black.  This is on my Dell T3500, Windows 7 x64, SW2011 any SP.  I happen to be test driving a Quadro 600 at the moment, but it happens with the 2000, 4000 and 5000 as well.  I have the approved SW video card driver for my set-up.


      I am not sure if this happens with the AMD/ATI FirePro's.  I may have some time to check in the next week or two with the cards I have to test drive.


      Anyone else seeing this?  Is there a fix?  Is it a Quadro issue or a SolidWorks issue?


      See attached image for what I am referring to.