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    Enter key no longer serves to insert part at origin of assy - or does it?

    Kelvin Lamport

      Can anyone still using SW2010 or earlier, confirm that the Enter key acts the same as clicking the OK button (green check mark), when inserting a part into an assy?


      It has been pointed out at http://eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=293171&page=1 that this function no longer works in SW2011. I reported this to my VAR who responded with ...

      "I  tested this behavior on my system using Solidworks 2011 service pack 2.0 and the  enter key did not locate a part at the assembly origin. I then tested this issue  using Solidworks 2010 service pack 5.0 and the behavior was identical; the enter  key did not locate a part at the assembly origin.

      What  version of Solidworks were you using when you last used the enter key to locate  a part at the assembly origin?"

      ... I'm pretty sure I last did this with SW2010 or maybe even SW2011-SP0 or 1, but cannot do it with SW2011-SP2