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Anyone having trouble with multiple design tables updating correctly?

Question asked by Gregg Hughes on Feb 25, 2011

I have a ticket in but thought I would look for work arounds etc form the forum.


I have an assembly who's parts configurations are driven by a design table. Each part has a design table changing dimesions for different configurations. Some of the parts' features are driven by the features of other parts in the assembly. So now when I make a drawing of the parts the views take the dimensions of the last updated assembly configuration. It will only update to the correct dimensions if I make the appropriate assembly configuration active and up to date. This gets worse if there are section and detail views, especially detail views of section views.


This is bad news since I can have a drawing with the wrong configurations dimensions. The best work around I have so far is instead of making part drawings I make assembly drawings only and make assembly configurations that hide all the parts but the one I'm making a drawing of. I put any sections on the asssembly too and turn them on and off in the assemblies design table.