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How to insert configuration information in a Design Table?

Question asked by Shaun Moody on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by Rich Chappell

Here is a quick run-down of what we are trying to do. Create one part out of a generic material (air) create three derived configurations of that part. Configurations are only material diffeneces of Brass, Aluminum and S.S. Our part drawings have a couple of numbers one is an engineering dwg number (for internal use), next one is a part number (for external use), we also have a bar code that appears on the part drawing (used for manufacturing). Bar code is an installed font that is driven by the part number. So what we are looking to get is one drawing layout using one engineering number with a table showing the three part numbers and related information including the bar code. So far I can get the table to show all the information except the bar code, how do I get that to show up in the table or can I.


MaterialMassPart NumberBarcode


The table is an example of what we would like to show up on one layout for all three configurations I can get the first three using the design table. Now I know I can create three layouts all with unique part numbers using configurations but can the last column in the table be done using the properties from the configurations and how. We are looking to impliment an ERP system and this is kind of a key component for the planned implementation.


Thanks for looking