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How do I increase user group Participation?

Question asked by David Connolly on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2011 by Nate Wentworth

Two years ago the company I work for switched to SW.  Myself and several other people I work with started a SW user group within our company.  The idea being to help people with problems they encounter and to share with the rest of our users how they overcame and solved the issue and to also show possible alternate methods.  We had a strong showing but a very low involvement from the users.  We also presented ideas, concepts and best practice methods.  After about 7months we began to run out of material and with little to no involvement from the other users we disbanded.


Recently my manager has challenged me to improve the modeling capabilities of my fellow employees.  We have had issues with models created by people that are of poor quality to point of being corrupt or hacked up so bad the files have become so large they have become very difficult to make simple changes too.  Before I start up the user group again, I would like to get other peoples input on what works for them.