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Appearances - some are 'invisible' against the features

Question asked by Mike Roberts on Feb 25, 2011

Trying to get to grips with Photoview 360 in Solidworks 2011 & come up against a frustrating problem


This is an old part that had a Blue Polished Plastic top level appearance which Ive now stripped off (left as default plastic which is grey)

I found it odd that the colour appeared orange, but that there were no appearances against any of the features in the model:



Flicking to the Display Manager tab that list the Appearance history shows this Orange colour against lots of features:



Then when I went back to the feature manager tree, clicked against Base Extrude (the first feature listed with the orange colour), the orange appearances suddenly appeared in the feature manager tree as shown:




I can now go on to totally strip appearances off the part as I wanted, but why would the Appearances suddenly appear against the features like in the last picture above?

I would have expected these to have appeared when I first opened it ?

I did a CTRL Q force rebuild when i first opened the part so that didnt make  difference


Thanks for any guidance