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Mesh Control weird behavior

Question asked by James Denney on Feb 24, 2011

I'm having some unusual behavior with mesh control. I could've sworn at one point, I had the ability to select a subassembly via the mesh control feature, at it would apply whatever mesh size I specified to all the parts in that subassembly (as opposed to selecting each part individually). For whatever reason, I no longer am able to utilize that feature. It just uses whatever mesh size is specified in the master mesh slider. I can go back and select each part in that subassembly and apply mesh control indiviually to each part, but that is very time consuming.


It also appears to retain information from a previous mesh contol designation. For example, I had selected 100 individual parts via mesh control, meshed the assembly, and then deleted the mesh control to try something else. However, those parts still meshed as if that mesh control feature was still present, even though I deleted it. The only work around is to create a new study.


Anyone else experience this? I'm running 2010 SP 5.0 on Windows 7....