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Adding proper Rp point /axis to align in route

Question asked by Justin Binkley on Feb 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by Andy Hughes

Hello SW users,


I have been using routing pretty heavily in the past few weeks and I stumbled upon this difficulty.  I would like to to drag and drop a diverter valve from my library to the 3d sketch line and have it self align. From my experience I do not want cp points to be add as this will determine inaccurate cut location of the pipe.  I want the cut location to be determine by the flanges that will be inserted on the face of the diverter valve.  In addition this is just one possible orientation.  The possibility may be vertical as well.  Also I would like to use the shift and arrow keys to rotate the valve.


I know this may be a simple question but I cannot find a similar example in my training book.   Any ideas??


Please see the attached picture and files to work with.


Thank you