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Sometimes sketches not appearing in drawings

Question asked by Mike Roberts on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by Mike Roberts

Im on SW2010 sp 4.0



I have a drawing of an assembly &  I need to show a sketch which is drawn on one of the parts in a sub assembly of this particular assembly (hope that makes sense!)


In the drawing Ive gone to the feature tree on the left hand side & r. clicked on the sketch & 'show sketch' & also made sure that View > sketches is ticked in the drop down toolbar


Trouble is sometimes the sketch isnt visible even when r. click & show sketch is on


If I then do r click 'hide sketch' & again do a r click 'show sketch' the sketch will appear, but will sometimes dissapear after a CTRL Q rebuild


The only way Ive got around the problem was to do a convert entities on the sketch in the drawing itself, but this isnt ideal


Its happening in more than one drawing Ive opened & obviously causes problems when a deadline is looming


Graphics card & its driver are approved N Vidia items