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Weldments in indented BOM - cut list incorrect

Question asked by Mark Tafelski on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by Adrian Velazquez

Does anyone else use or has anyone else attempted to use an indented (top level) BOM with cut list items for weldments?


I have been attemping (since I think SW 2006 or 2007) to use a top level indented BOM with weldment cut lists included.


I have a BOM template created for this task and did some test BOM's on existing projects.


I have noticed that some weldment details are either missing or incorrect sizes.


From what we have figured out, the intented BOM is showing cut list items from the "as machined" version of the weldments.


I have been attemping to work through this with our VAR and SolidWorks and the latest answer that I received back is that I may have to put in an "enhancement request".


How can this be an enhancement request when the BOM is wrong??


Has anyone else tried this and noticed the same thing?


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