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Speedpak is out of date question

Question asked by John Rajcic on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Alex Morrison

I am working on a huge assembly (a helicopter) and we have a ton of sub asseblies.  I am trying to create speedpaks for all of our subassemblies to hopefully be able to open the entire helicopter in Solidworks without it crashing.  ALL of my speedpaks though have the yellow flag warning that the speekpak is out of date.  I can open the sub assembly and update speedpak to resolve the issue, but everytime I close down the assembly and reopen it, it says it is out of date.  Even if nothing ever changes I can't open top level assemblies with speedpak subasseblies without those speedpaks being out of date.  What is the point of the speedpak if I have to open every subassembly to update the speedpak?