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Solidworks 64bit or 32bit?

Question asked by Paal Eilertsen on Feb 22, 2011
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I have recently bought some new hardware running Win 7 Pro 64bit. And now I am wondering if I should install SW 2011 64bit or 32bit. The thing is that I have developed a stand alone application that automates a lot of functionality in SW. This app is compiled under 32bit as it communicates with a MS Access database (there is no driver for 64bit communication with 32bit MS Access). There is a complex workaround to get a 64bit app to use a 32bit dll which in turn can use Access, but it is rather complex and timeconsuming to implement. Therefor I am wondering what benefits there are when using 64bit SW.


The way we use SW nowadays we never use more than maybe 2GB of RAM, and the computer is equipped with 6GB.


Any thoughs on the subject?


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Pål Eilertsen