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Can a 3D sketch Tubing be unfolded like a sheet metal part unfold

Question asked by Martin Thiel on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by Jeff Holliday

Using SolidWorks 2010, Window 7 Pro.

I have constructed a 1" OD with a .065 wall, 27" high with one leg 15-5/8 long on a 45 degree and the other end of the 27" height a leg length of 6-5/8" long and 135 degree clockwise from the 45 degree.  There are 2 bends for the legs on a 3" radius.  This was constructed by using a 3D curve sketch and then a sweep.  Is there a way to take this geometry and flatten it out to get a blank length of this tube in order to order material?