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Migrating old templates for new 2011 Installation

Question asked by Jason Palmer on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by Jason Palmer

We have custom templates for Parts, Assemblies and Drawings (4 of them) which were originally created in 2002. Over time these have been opened and saved in new versions, and the drawing templates have been modified to keep them up to date and convey a look that is more in keeping with the current company stationery.


I am about to roll out an upgrade to SW2011 on Windows 7x64, finally moving away from SW2009 and XP 32. I thought that this might be a good time to sit down and recreate the templates from the new 2011 templates, but wondered if I would just be creating more work for myself in doing so. Is there any drawback to using the old templates? Should I just open these and save them in 2011?


If I am to recreate the part and assembly templates from scratch, is there an easy way to import the custom properties? We use the properties from the parts and assemblies to populate the drawing title blocks, and there are quite a few fields that are being controlled.


Any comments would be appreciated.