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    Fluid Flow

    Chee Hong Oo

      Hello anyone can advise me how much chill water supply pressure I needed?


      I am going to install the Heating & Cooling Unit (H&C) for mixing process. The H&C unit stated the requirement for the chill water supply are as below:


      The H&C unit data:

      max. chill water pressure : 6 bars

      min. chill water differential pressure : 1 bar

      Consumption chill water supply at 15 degreeC, flow at 0 degreeC = * 865l/h


      ** Output data valid for room temperature 20 degreeC, chill water inlet 15 degreeC & 3 bar differential pressure between cooling chill water inlet and outlet.

      Currently, our chill water supply at 3.5 bars & return at 3 bar.


      Does the H&C data sufficient?

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          David Paulson

          Provided you have adequately defined the physical characteristics of your heat exchanger, you also need to define both the dry bulb and the wet bulb temperatures and the airflow rate across the heat exchanger of the air entering the heat exchanger.  From your stated conditions of 20 C. room air and 0 C. fluid temperature, you will experience condensation of water vapor on the heat exchange surface.  This defines the flow as two phase which is beyond the capabilities of Flow.


          Manufacturers of air cooling coils provide computer rating programs that will be much more reliable in predicting performance than will Flow.