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What do SW users want to see and learn?

Question asked by Lynnette Sabatka on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by Chris Kamery

As an educator and president of a user group.  I am curious to find out what types of topics SolidWorks Users find most helpful in user group meetings (or any training session for that matter.)


What sorts of topics would you like to see at meetings?


What are some of the best presentations/topics you have seen in the past?

(at user group meetings, presentations by a VAR, technical summits, webinars, blog posts, or SolidWorks World.)


Are there other engineering related topics you would like discussed in future meetings?


What questions do you have, or what guidance do you wish you had to help you become more efficient or a better designer in general?  Are those things that can be addressed in a meeting or technical session?


Of course I will be asking our members in the Nebraska group these questions, and I am interested to see what people from other areas think as well.

Thanks for your help!