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Student Seeks Fillet Advice

Question asked by Colin Kippen on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by Colin Kippen

Hi Everyone,

I am a student at Portland Community College and, since I'm not in class until Wed., wanted to see if I could get a question answered about a fillet issue I'm having with a project. I've attached two screen shots showing the surfaces I'm trying to fillet: I wouldn't mind if the program resolved them in a neat manner but, as you can see in the second screen shot, the finished product is kind of ugly. The two fillets can't seem to resolve on the multi-angled corner and I have to do them individually because it yells at me, telling me that it's too complicated. I've checked to make sure the underlying geometry and extrudes are actually aligned and am wondering if it's because I'm filleting a rectangle rather than a square? Is there a way to change the ending angle of a fillet so it actually meets the corner? Any help would be greatly appreciated...let me know if any additional screen shots or parameters would be helpful in answering the question.

fillet problem.JPGfillet problem2.JPG