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Assistent for copying user settings does not work with Win7 roaming profiles

Question asked by Siegwald Pentz on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by Gabriel Jalbert

We migrated to Win7 x64 last autumn from Win XP x86 with roaming profiles. Since Win7 (and also Vista) profiles are not compatible to XP profiles Win7 has created new profiles on the network location with the new naming scheme <username>.V2. In January I have deleted all the old XP-profiles, since they are not needed any more.


Now I am testing SWX 2011 SP02 and before doing that I wanted to save the user settings as backup with the assistent. When I start the assistent with a user that has a roaming profile the assistant give me the following error (translated from german, so maybe the exact word are different: "Can not load SolidWorks user settings for 'omerk'. Please login at least once because the user can not be found \\<networklocation>\omerk\ntuser.dat"


I have modified the real profile path in the above message, but it point the the correct roaming profile path. The problem is that the assistent still points to the old directory of the user profile and does not add  ".V2" to the path. Deleting the registry path HKCU\Software\Solidworks does not help. So does anybody know which information the assistant is using to get the user profile path? For sure not %USERPROFILE% which locates to the local copy of the roaming user profile c:\User\<username>.


So, right now I can not backup the settings of our SWX 2010 users for later usage with SWX 2011, besides using regedit... Finally I want to have a settings-file that I can use together with the InstallationManager.