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Minor Revisions to Solidworks file needed ASAP!  Ongoing future work possible.

Question asked by Mike Wolf on Feb 19, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2011 by Mason Riley

I have a solidworks file that needs a couple of small revisions made.  Should take 1/2 hour or so max.  I'm also looking for a working relationship with a Modeler for future projects that I would like to bid on.  Some examples of work and a resume are required for use in my job bids.   Must be dependable and affordable so that we can both prosper. Send email with resume, location and minimum hourly rate acceptable.  If you have skype please give me your skype address!  I'm in the Tampa Bay area of Florida so it would be great if you lived here but we could work over the net.




email resume, examples and minimum hourly to