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Scaled Text Location when Editing Sheet Format

Question asked by Michael Wade on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by Wayne Matus

Before I give myself a stroke trying to unravel this mystery I thought I'd check here first.  Anybody ever see text location on a sheet format show up "double" the value of the location it's really at?  In the attached JPEG there is a block of text highlighted blue.  If you look to the left-side menu under "Parameters" it says X=48.745 and Y=5.8.  Yet, the orange dot (top center of the highlighted text - may be hard to see) where my mouse is positioned states the location is half that, according to the coordinates along the bottom of the window.  This is a D-Size format so the coordinates along the bottom are correct.


I'm currently building this sheet format and just noticed this.  It didn't happen on the A, B, or C-Size sheets.  Any text I input in the sheet format has to be double the value of the location where I want it positioned.  If I'm in the sheet, the standard X,Y coordinates are correct.


I'm on SW2010 SP4.0 (64-bit) and I've found it to be buggy in other areas.  Just wondering if anyone had seen this and/or knows of a fix.