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need help with a view

Question asked by Bonnie Caruthers on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2011 by Jeremy Feist

I cannot create a view that I need for a drawing.  I was using auxiliary views (see earlier post) but that really is cumbersome.  In ProE you can simply say I want this surface to be on the right and this to be top and your view is oriented thus.  I am also used to simply making planes.  I guess I am just missing something here because what I thought I was doing made sense but not getting results. What I need is the portion you see angled up to be flat and those ribs need to show as they do in this view.  So basically this "see-sawed"




But as you can see it hs some angles.





I am sure there is a simple solution but I cannot make it happen.  Sorry to seem so lame but I have little time left to waste.  I have attached the part so have at it.  The only plane I have added and retained is plane 7.  I did not create this part, it came from elsewhere.


Any help appreciated!!