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Question asked by George Maddever on Feb 17, 2011
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Hi All,


I'm busy setting up a new SOP for our data management, part of which is redoing all our drawing templates etc.


Now, I'm wanting to use the "Author" field in SolidWorks files, as referenced by "SW-Author" links to display who created a file.


Is there any way this field can be filled in automatically (like it is with an MS Office document)? Or is it a field that needs to be filled in manually or via macro?


In the past I've written a macro for each of our engineers and linked it to a hotkey so that with a single keystroke they can fill in all their personal data for the active SW document... however, humans being humans means that when it comes time to consolidate the data for a project you realise that this is filled in only half of the time.... is there any way I can tell SolidWorks to automatically populate the existing "Author / SW-Author" field on fil creation?