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"Unable to open Solidworks"

Question asked by Ross English on Feb 17, 2011

Whenever I attempt to create a task, it will say that the task was "completed" however upon looking at the report, I see that all of the operations failed due to "unable to open Solidworks"


I installed SW2011 approximately 1 month ago, and was told that there was no need to uninstall the SW2006 that I already had on my machine.


However, I was unable to open the program via clicking on the desktop shortcut OR the actual link in windows explorer.

I had to go into the properties of the shortcut and correct the pointing location to the SW11 .exe file manually. This is still the only way I can open solidworks.


I am also unable to open any SW file without going through File>Open in Solidworks (can't doubleclick a part on my desktop.)


I think that these issues may be related, and suspect a reinstallation may be a good quick fix.


Can anyone Confirm this? Or do I have other options?