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Event Based Motion

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by Scott Baugh

I am looking for someone that actually understands this function of SW?


It was recommended to me to use Event based motion for the large Animation I have to do. So I am starting off some what small, but I am havign a really hard time understanding this as well as making anything work.


First question I have at the moment is - Can you Hide/Show a part or parts?


I do have the Step-by-Step book, but its not been a lot of help at the moment.


How do you know what action to use? I know how I want my assembly to move, but how do I define that in this type of motion?


The assembly is of a multi-cavity mold Sectioned to see one of the parts. I want the Piece part to appear, then the mold to open, and hte piece part to stay on the core, then the stripped plate to push the part off as well as the ejector pin and the part fall away and the stripper plate closes back and the mold close... seems simple enough, but I can't get it started.