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Rebuild a Property manager page?

Question asked by Thomas Sherer on Feb 17, 2011

Hello all,


I'm working on my first addin for SolidWorks, and I'm trying to create a Property manager page that performs the following:


Allow me to select multiple parts in the graphics area

Find all of the custom properties that live in those parts

Build an array of all custom properties found

Query the user as to which properties are to be deleted

Delete said properties in all selected parts


I currently have functionality to create and manage the array of custom properties that are found, but I want to be able to return those properties to a listbox item on my property manager page, and I don't know how to do this. The list currently lives in my property manager handler, and I don't have any knowledge on controlling the listbox in the property manager sheet after it has been created.  I'm fairly sure I could accomplish this with a user form, but I'm taking this as a learning experience. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks.