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Will SW2011 still work with Excel 2003?

Question asked by Anthony Reznicek on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by Anthony Reznicek

I am currently using SW2010 SP4.0 and Excel 2003.  I am trying to get changed over to SW2011 SP2.0.  I noticed that SW2011 (footnote #12) states that SW2011 no longer SUPPORTS Excel 2003.  Does that mean that SW2011 WILL NOT WORK with Excel 2003 or does it mean that SW2011 will work with Excel 2003 but if you have problems then they won't help you?  Is anyone out there using SW2011 and Excel 2003?  Our company is still on MS Office 2003 and my IT guy wanted to know if SW2011 would work with Excel 2003 or not.  Your help would would be much appreciated.--Tony