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Does anyone crash when creating new configurations?

Question asked by Barry Newlands on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2012 by Iain Hendry

We have a recurring problem of SW crashing intermittently whenever the user uses the "Add configuration" command.

This has become a frequent problem in our office of 13 seats. We are on SW2010 SP5 along with EPDM SP5. This started happening since the install of 2010 and seems to have increased over time. I was hoping SP5, recently installed might have fixed this but it is still happening. It is not a critical problem, just very annoying especially if one has a large assy open.


We keep a log of crashes which depends on users filling it in every time so will possibly under report if anything. This has been supplied to our vendor with no news to date. I searched the forums and it seems we are alone in this unless no-one else has complained yet. Would be interested to hear any other feedback on this.