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    Re-opening previous Solidworks files from PDM isnt the latest

    Simon Schuck



      We seem to have a bit of an issue where by if a user checks out a solidworks drawing/model and makes changes they then check it back in. And then another user Opens/Checks out the same file makes some changes and then checks that back in. And now the original user opens/checks out the file from the previously opened documents location within Solidworks (File-then down the bottom) its not the latest version with changes of that file.


      We have set get the latest version for all users but it doesnt seem to work for previously opened documents. Same result if you press the crtl-r key which opens previous documents.


      Any ideas?



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          Michael Allton



          I have also started to notice this when opening files from PDM, I have the same option marked to get the latest version but some times it doesn't always work correctly I have noticed this especially when opening assembly files.  I have just got in the habit of  using the get latest version tab in the pull down window that seems to work for me and resolves the issue.  It's a work around but I just haven't had time to deal with it yet.  If you have solution or another thought could you please share with me.