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Weldments as a Part made of ... ???

Question asked by Christina Seay on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by Paul Fey

Ok... I'm new to SolidWorks, and I'm trying to understand the thinking behind SolidWorks Weldments.  I'm the in-house computer nerd for software and programming... so modeling isn't something I do day-to-day... I'm involved more in collecting the data in the 'parts' that are in the weldment and the 'assembly' of the 'parts.'


My definition of a Weldment - An assembly of parts that are welded together


SolidWorks - A part made of parts...?


Why does SolidWorks make a  Part file of... for lack of a better way to describe it... features that represent real parts??  Inventor does this correctly, imho... it makes an Assembly of Parts... same as you would if you made the parts individually and then created an assembly out of them... mimicking how the product is actually built.  I'm trying to understand what the thinking is on SolidWorks' method.