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Opening files with DWG Editor and Draftsight on Windows 2008 are read-only

Question asked by Jordan Nolan on Feb 16, 2011

I am sure this is a Windows 2008 server issue some how, but I was hoping someone might have an answer here because I am not finding one elsewhere.


We just moved all our files from a Windows 2003 R2 x64 server over to a new 2008 x64 server.  The users permissions on the folders and shares are the same.  User can read and write files file.  They can open a file in DWG Editor, Draftsight and even AutoCad and save it.


The wierd part is when the browse for the file through Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer) to a folder and double click the file to open it.  When they open the file that way, the file says it is in use and will only open read-only.  The strange part is that it only happens to users when they open a drawing file.  This happens to files set to open with DWG Editor or Draftsight and even Autocad as well.  It does not matter if the client is XP x32 or Windows 7 x32 or x64.


However if I go Start -> Run and enter:


"C:\Program........\dwgeditor.exe" "P:\PathToFile\MyFile.dwg"


The file will open fine that way.


It is only when I double click on a drawing file on the 2008 server.  Word, Excel, SLDPRT, SLDASM, etc files have no problems.


Any insite?