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Dell M6500 with i7-940XM vs HP 8740 i7-740QM

Question asked by Albert van Winkoop on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by Charles Culp

We're looking for a new mobile workstation and there are 2 options:


a Dell M6500 with i7-940XM or HP 8740 i7-740QM


Both with Nvidea FX2800M and 8GB RAM


We're only using the basics of SW (2010), so no rendering or simulation.


Which will be the best.....


At this moment i'm working on a part with more than 700 features (file over 120MB) and we're also started engineering a mould for this part.

That will mean that we're going to use this part (with a Cavity) to make the 60 mouldinserts.


Currently i'm working on a HP XW4600, with a Q9550 on 32bit, this computer will be upgrated to 64bit for an other employe. And we're using an older laptop for visiting clients. Both will be replaced bij the new mobile workstation.