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EPDM task to save DXFs for all sheet-metal parts

Question asked by Anton Nanchev on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Tommaso Maiullaro

I’m trying to create an EPDM task which generates dxf files for all sheet-metal parts passing specific workflow transition. The code generates separate dxf for each part configuration. I'm using the SolidWorks Task add-in to execute the following script:


Option Explicit

Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

Sub main()
    Dim swModel                 As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
    Dim vConfNameArr            As Variant
    Dim vConfName               As Variant
    Dim bShowConfig             As Boolean
    Dim bRebuild                As Boolean
    Dim bRet                    As Boolean
    Dim swDocSpecification      As SldWorks.DocumentSpecification

    Set swApp = CreateObject("SldWorks.Application")
    Set swDocSpecification = swApp.GetOpenDocSpec("C:\Users\ananchev.TL-HQ\Desktop\sheetMetal.SLDPRT")
    Set swModel = swApp.OpenDoc7(swDocSpecification)
    Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc
'Is it a part document?
Dim modelType As Long

modelType = swModel.GetType

If modelType <> SwConst.swDocPART Then
    swApp.SendMsgToUser2 "A sheet metal part must be open.", swMbWarning, swMbOk
    Exit Sub
End If

vConfNameArr = swModel.GetConfigurationNames

For Each vConfName In vConfNameArr
    bShowConfig = swModel.ShowConfiguration2(vConfName)
    bRebuild = swModel.ForceRebuild3(False)

    Dim FilePath As String
    Dim PathSize As Long
    Dim PathNoExtension As String
    Dim NewFilePath As String
    FilePath = swModel.GetPathName
    PathSize = Strings.Len(FilePath)
    'PathNoExtension = Strings.Left(FilePath, PathSize - Len(swModel.GetTitle)) + "Export\"
    PathNoExtension = "C:\Users\ananchev.TL-HQ\Desktop\Tests\" + "Export\"

    NewFilePath = PathNoExtension + vConfName & ".DXF"
    'Export Flat Pattern
    bRet = swModel.ExportFlatPatternView(NewFilePath, swExportFlatPatternOption_RemoveBends)
Next vConfName

'Close the document
swApp.CloseDoc (swModel.GetTitle)

End Sub
When I run it as a macro within SolidWorks everything goes fine, but executed from my EPDM task it generates the dxf only for the first part configuration and then ends with an “The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.” error.
The debug option marks the line where the next part configuration is loaded in SWx.
I tried a lot of different options for the code, but each and every time the same behavior and error. I’m sure I’m missing something, but I can’t find it.