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Enterprise PDM Addin Issue

Question asked by Theerthagiri Rajakal on Feb 16, 2011

We are using Enterpise PDM 2010 SP4 (10.04.0927). When I add a addin to the Enterprise PDM, it works without issues on the machine where it is added. But it throws the below error message in some clients and also when we ping PDM through custom code to 'get latest version' or 'check in / out'. The custom code will not proceed until the error is okeyed.


I referred through knowledge base and found a solution 'S-019758' which talks about exactly the same issue but in the PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 SP0 & SP1 (version 8.0.90 & 8.1.116). The solution also provides a fix for this issue and suggests that this issue has been corrected in teh SP2 of Enterprise PDM 2008.


Do anyone have an answer how to fix this?? Our custom automated code gets stuck everytime this error appears and causes lot of turnaround.