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Memory usage with Win7 compared to Win XP

Question asked by Henri Hiisila on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by Wayne Tiffany

One our assembly was designerd using 32 bit xp and now I continue with Win7 32bit. After one day experience it seems that Win xp gave more memory for SolidWorks process than Win7 does. This assembly seems to be useless with Win7 32bit OS although it was easily designed with xp32.


Resource monitor reports for Solidworks.exe process memory usage to be 880 000 KB (private), free physical memory is 7 MB, standby is 890MB and In use is 2042MB.


Many of you have experienced both operating systems and I'm wondering what your experiences are? I have 64bit win7 also, but all our addins are not compatible with that yet.





Win 7 pro 32

SW2010 SP5.0

Fujitsu Celsius W280

Intel i7 870

8Gb ram

100Gb ssd

Quadro 2000 driver

Performance test report from SW2011 is published using initials HH