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    What the numbers mean

    George Edwards

      I tried to search for this but probably didn't use the correct wording.


      Can you tell me what the numbers mean under the  displacement when using analysis?


      There is a little box that gives the  model name, study name, plot and a value for the deformation scale of  0.412422.


      The color scale on the side has a min value and max value and  is labled URES (mm). (what's URES?)


      The Values in the color scale range  from 1.000e-030 - 1.648e+002  Is that 1.000000, and .001648?


      How are these numbers interpreted, and what  is the purpose of the deformation scale number?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Chris Michalski

          the deformation scale is the ratio of deformation shown vs. reality - i.e. your .412422 means that if the part actually bends 1" it would display it only bending .41".  It's basically an exaggeration factor - making it higher makes your model look like jello, but for very stiff models you need a higher deformation scale than for very flimsy parts.


          URES (I don't recall the acronym, but it's the displacement from the intial location of each element)


          The 1e-30 means .000(thirty zeros...)1 and yes, 1.6482e+2 = .0016482 - SW uses small e for scientific notation instead of 10^

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            Anthony Botting

            The letter "U" is the vector representing displacement. U is commonly used in the analyst community when talking about displacements. The vector U has components Ux, Uy and Uz. These are the values solved by the finite element analysis in each orthogonal direction, which you can plot separately (Edit definition and you will see options for UX and UY and UZ). If you want the "magnitude", or "resultant" or "length" of the vector, as you probably recall, you can square the components of the vector, add them, and take the square root and obtain a non-signed answer (it's just a magnitude).  The scale shows annotation "URES" to mean the U values are the RESultant of the displacement. Hope that helps a little. - Tony