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Cooperating with an Inventor user

Question asked by Paul Martin on Feb 12, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2011 by Kelvin Lamport

I am a novice SolidWorks user so I will probably get the terminology mixed up but I hope I can make my question clear.


Simply, is there a way to work and cooperate with a use of Inventor and be able to exchange drawings back and forth between us?


I’ve read the help files on import and export and the answer to my question would appear to be “NO!” but I thought I would ask the gathered knowledge base before I dismissed it.


It’s not simply a case of importing a drawing that I want to do. I was hoping to be able to work in a manner that we could pass files back and forth as we collaborate in getting something designed. I am designing some model railway parts and I have SolidWorks, what I don’t have is time to do them. I have a colleague who uses Inventor who has the time and enough knowledge of the subject to be able to do the bulk of the design . We’re both small one man businesses with limited funds and committed to the software we have. Buying the others software and learning to use it isn’t and option


I'd be grateful for any bright ideas


Paul Martin